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CS flat pack modular house as prefab house projects in the world

CS flat pack modular house projects in Africa

CS flat pack is the most popular modular house in the market for different usages:

Specificiation are as below:

1.3mm Galvanized steel beam and frame
2.Finished base and roof
3.Finished sandwich wall panel plus door or windows
4.1pcs Metal steel door and 2pcs windows
5.50mm/60mm/75mm/100mm EPS/rockwool insulation on wall and ceiling panels
6.18mm Fiber cement and 1.6mm PVC floor
7.Installed electricity(DB box, led lights, switches, sockets,AC sockets, wires,etc)
8.Optional plumbing system
9.Optional bathroom(toilet, shower,washbasin)
10.Application:accommodation,office,kitchen/dinning/canteen room,toilet/shower

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